Siberian Dawn Core Edition

>>Siberian Dawn is an original, solo, digital card game that combines the core soul of a deck builder with the tactical power of a war game and the strategic challenge of crisis management.You are an Overseer in the Union, one of the tactical controllers who has to deal with the increasing dangers facing the Union through Objective based Missions. Recruit and deploy Units, enlist the help of the Guilds, and build your Bond with those in the shadows, whilst trying to control the conflict unfolding before you.Four detailed, interactive tutorials and the basic Training Run Mission will get you started with how the game works, and the first 2 Mission Packs (included with this Android edition) add the full Core game and all 6 Missions of Chapter 1 of the Siberian Dawn story.>In Siberian Dawn you play the part of an Overseer in the Union, an industrial state covering what we know as Europe. Overseers are the tactical experts of the Union and responsible for quickly dealing with troubles as they arise using a limited resource pool, controlled squad level force, and possible support from the Guilds. Siberian Dawn has a heavy character driven setting, in a gritty near future military world that mixes in medieval and supernatural horror elements to the theme.The game starts as hostility has been growing in Industrial Habit IH-54 of the Eastern Zones for the last few weeks. Outcasts are rumoured to have been stirring up this dissent and it is believed they are connected to a cult called the Dawn, Overseers have been assigned to deal with this unrest and you are one of them. Each Mission will give the Overseer a series of Objectives to complete which have variety and offer the Overseer different challenges during the Mission. Missions will be playable individually but also form a narrative story as the Overseer uncovers the truth of the Dawn and how deep secrets go within the Union and Guilds.>A series of detailed tutorials will take you through the basics of the game with special missions that you can play through while learning about the mechanics of the game>Training Run is a special Mission aimed to get you started with Siberian Dawn and the basics of a Mission. The single Objective in this Mission is to kill the 4 VBots, the Missions in Mission Pack 1 (Included with this edition) and those to follow will contain multiple Objectives offering a longer more challenging game. Training Run also contains 2 Units, the Grunt and the Scribe. The Grunt is your basic Union military Unit that will be used to attack the VBots, and the Scribe is a Guild support Unit who will help you gain Glory. Mission Pack 1 adds 18 new Units to these 2 basic ones.>Siberian Dawn is the first game to use the Lore Deck Building Engine, taking the core of a Deck Builder and adding the depth of a War Game to give the player a more strategic challenge.Dual Deck Development Build a Resource deck and Tactics deck.Bond System Adds 1 of 4 Guild specific contacts in a MissionHub System Context relevant controls presented on a central set of pods.Fate Helix Action resolution using a deck system allowing control over the risk of the results.Multiple Resource Management Overseer has to balance a range of Resources to succeed.Tactical Range Overseer has a range of distinct Units and Tactics to dominate the Missions.Mission Variety Each Mission has a series of Objectives to give a variety of challenges.
Price USD 419
License Purchase
Version 3.0.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up