Wargame: Barbarossa 1941-45

A classic boardgame style simulation of the 1941-45 war.Units are generally Corps scale for the Axis side and Army scale for the Soviet side. The map covers the whole of the Eastern front from Berlin/Helsinki/Belgrade to Astrakhan/Baku/Saratov/Gorky.The map features different terrain and dynamic weather (snow, mud) changing as the turns change (each game turn is a month)Units featured include major combat formations, infantry, mechanised and cavalry: German, Romanian, Hungarian, Finnish, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Italian, Soviet, Polish. Partisan formations also exist: Russian, Baltic, Polish, Ukrainian, Caucuses, Yugoslavia, etc.5 Scenarios are available:* Barbarossa - capture key objectives before the end of 1941* Case Blue - The Axis push to win the war in 1942* Stalingrad - The Soviet winter offensive 1942-3* Kursk - Last chance for the Axis powers in summer 1943* Bagration - The colossal Soviet offensive of summer 1944In addition, all scenarios allow you to continue on the game until the end with the capture of Berlin/most USSR cities/end of 1945.You can play 2-player "hotseat" against yourself or a human opponent. Alternatively you may play any scenario as either side against your device's AI. AI aggression can be set in the game options.Other options in the game include being able to set reinforcement levels per year for the major combatants, and also a save/load facility including an autosave for each scenario.There is a demo version limited to one scenario and without AI you can try.
Price USD 2.99
License Purchase
Version 6.0.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 8.0 and up