Pirate Sails: Tempest War

Are you looking for a fighting game that has a strategic value? Or maybe a strategy game that can be entertaining? Or a multiplayer game that can boost your self-confidence? Pirate Sails: Tempest War is your best option!Sail through exciting tempest winds in search of treasure, build your kingdom, strengthen your alliance, and rise to battle! Pirate Sails: Tempest War is the only pirate RPG strategy game you will ever need! Only the strong and tactical will survive! Head to the battlefront, pirates! Your next conquest awaits!BEAT YOUR ENEMIES!The great epic war is about to begin! Its now or never! Prove yourself to be a smart military tactician in this strategic multiplayer war game! Team up with other players, join an alliance, take command, and beat your enemies from all over the world in real-time PvP matches together!Destroy and loot your opponents resources, expand your territories, and get the highest honor in the world arena! Only through going to battles, you can become more powerful and strengthen your empire. Lead the army using your strategy, attack and fight applying your wisdom, and youll be able to dominate the global battlefield! Conquer the world through a great battle!Recruit the warriorsParticipate in real-time PvP eventsAttack other playersMaster your strategy skillsUpgrade your powerUNITE WITH OTHER PLAYERS!To defeat the enemies from all over the world, the true commander needs the support of like-minded people. Join or build alliances and create your own enclaves in this multiplayer real-time RPG game with a built-in translation feature.Chat, make friends, help each other, and trade with no language barriers. Fight for control of the world and expand the territories in the multiplayer adventure together, but do not forget to dominate the action! Join Pirate Sails: Tempest War and feel yourself an integral part of such a glorious historical era, the Golden Age of Piracy!Create or join the allianceCommunicate in chatsPlay online togetherClash against other clansChallenge your friendsOrganize your own pirate islandTo lead your units to victory in the epic war, you need to provide them with adequate and stable resources. Create an impenetrable island settlement, erect and upgrade defensive and support buildings with no limitations, gather resources, engage in trade, and advance the economic status.Bring prosperity to your stronghold, solidify its power, and make it a real empire! It is also a place to train your troops and research new technologies. Everyone will find something to do here! Get swept away in this awesome city-building and strategy game!Grow and manage your own empireCreate an invincible pirate strongholdDefend your settlement from enemiesCollect resourcesCraft unique itemsSTART YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!The ultimate MMO RPG Pirate Sails: Tempest War is not just about the ruthless wars and conflicts. Being an authentic strategy war game, it consists of different missions and scenarios. Explore the technologies, craft unique, upgradable items, and set off to explore the unknown. Knowledge is power. Prove yourself worthy to grow and manage your future empire and prepare yourself for the ultimate clash!The RPG and MMO game Pirate Sails: Tempest War with a large number of events, locations, mechanics, and diverse content will give you the opportunity to challenge your mind and develop new skills in the game!Complete questsResearch new technologiesInvent new weaponsExplore new featuresInvestigate the mechanics and locationsBUILD A PIRATE KINGDOM!What are you waiting for? Build up a great pirate empire, create your own strategy to win in action-packed battles, and conquer the world in this multiplayer RPG game! Pirate Sails: Tempest War combines an epic pirate experience, where strategy meets fantasy.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up