Fleet Command Kill enemy ship & win Legion War

Fleet Command is a naval warfare strategy game based on real life ships and military ranks, providing players a captivating experience of naval wars. Strengthen your power by managing and developing your base, producing resources, building ships, recruiting officers and more. Set sail to discover the vast riches of the sea in the world map. Mine resources, battle pirates and wage war against other players. Establish a Legion and lead your fellow players to glory in battle. With so many aspects to the game there is more to it than raw power, the right combination of officers, equipment and strategy can overcome a more powerful enemy.The game is very easy to start with and includes a tutorial of the basics, so even players with no experience of RTS or war games will learn very quickly. New functions and equipment are unlocked as your commander level increases, allowing players to learn the game at their own pace. With a vast support network, players can learn the more advanced features of the game and truly understand which path to take to victory.Features:Several ship classes of different types, all based on real life ships of the past and present ready for you to build or collect and command. Battle effects include explosions and missile trajectory so you can watch your fleet defeat your enemies.Flexible formations allowing you to choose which ships and officers you will use for each battle. This is a fantastic dynamic to the game, making thought, planning and strategy a critical component on the path to victory in this RTS game.Build resources in your base allowing you to improve resource output, build ships and develop new technology. If you are strong or cunning enough you can also loot resources from other players.A vast word map full of riches awaits you, but be careful, other players will seek to target your mining fleets, waiting for an opportune moment to destroy them and steal the resources they have collected.Great daily login rewards, free lottery draws and free plays at events help you build and develop an invincible fleet.[Fortune favours the bold] -Preparation is everything, have your ships ready to seize the moment when it arrives and take the resources you need from an enemy base or mine.[Pre-emptive Strike] - It might already be too late when you see hostile fleets on course for your base or fleet! Strike first and deal a crippling blow to your enemies before they strike against you. Fight for resource spots to mine to bring you more resources to develop your fleet. Recruit better officers and enhance equipment to make your fleets formidable in combat.[Domination] - Deploy your ships wisely and vary fleet formations to have maximum effect against your foe, weaken strong enemies and defeat weaker fleets to truly dominate the ocean! Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each ship class and put them in the best formation to deal devastating attacks on your enemies.For more information you can go to our Facebook page 'Fleet Command Community' (English): Fleet Command CommunityOr visit our forum: https://forum.movga.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=62Email: fc@movga.com
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.7.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 2.3 and up