HEX BOIS is a simplistic multiplayer game. The aim of the game is to cover the entire map with your tiles however, this is more difficult than you'd think! Other players will try to stop you as they attempt to achieve the same goal. Use your different types of tile to out-smart other players. Balance your economy, defend and attack at the right time!You spawn into a hexagonal map, your goal is to completely cover it, destroying all other players! And you have 4 tiles to do so:A Core could be thought of the heart of your base, if your last core is destroyed then your entire base is destroyed. You start the game with one core however you can build as many as you want, spread them around the map to increase your chances of survival! However, cores are very expensive AND get more expensive the more you have, so place them wisely!The Normal tile is the cheapest and simplest tile in the game. It is commonly used to attack other players as it is very cheap! However they are not very strong, they can only be upgraded to a max level of 5, making them not the best for defending your base!Generators are essential for every base! They produce all the money that is required to buy other tiles and more Generators. The more Generators you have, the faster your income. Income is a crucial part of the game as players with not enough money are very easily destroyed as they can't afford to defend themselves!Walls are incredibly good at defending, however they are not the best to build in a hurry! Walls do have a very high max health (50) however, they need time to upgrade and don't immediately get this health when you upgrade them (unlike other tiles). So make sure you strengthen your defences before you get attacked!A crucial gameplay element of HEX BOIS is connected tiles. Any tile not connected to one of your cores is disabled, meaning you can't build out other tiles from it. Don't worry though, you can easily re-enable tiles by simply connecting them back to your core. You need to be quick however, disabled tiles slowly fade out so if you don't reconnect them quickly then they are destroyed forever!I hope you enjoy HEX BOIS!
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4W and up