***************************************************************************Here's some comments from players from all over the world!by Ach ShellieIf ur looking for a heroes of might and magic type game look no further. It's the best one I've played for ISOby DwtheriaultAs others have said, very similar to the old Might and Magic games, in fact they even site that in the game description, but with a Chinese flair. don't let the very first scenario fool you into thinking there is no nitty improvement as that gradually comes in the following ones. A very well thought out game and I recommend to any turn based strategy gamers.by Gideon111Glad to see someone finally make a game based off of heros of might and magic. Good job!by 1947366199An amazing game that combines two of my favorite games, heroes of might and magic and dynasty warriors. It is quite challenging but worth the frustration.by RIchard E BVery similar to Heroes of might and magic, without the pay checkFrom the graphics to the turn based combat, this game draws you in.by XxXxXxBLAZExXxXxXLove itCan't seem to get enough of this game!!!!!Follow our page on Facebook to get additional rewards!!and if you have any problem with our game, please visit our website :http://cow.xingames.com
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.