The Yellow House

In a world where people strive to be wealthy while risking it all, relying on a cash flow that may never come. Player(s) will compete to become the wealthiest player on the map by buying, flipping or renting first of many property. Starting with cheap blocks of land with old rundown trailers to moving onto buying billion dollar oil platforms. A player starts out by canvassing the map house by house, business to business looking for various jobs from deliveries to mowing lawns while struggling to pay for a good education, leading to higher valued work, while searching for hundred of thousands of bonus map dollars. Then there is the yellow house the one unique home on the map, by finding the all six colored keys hidden all over the map. The poorest player can unlock their best of dreams. Remember to spare your clicks or a costly trip to the doctor will be. Save money and refresh at the bar during happy hour. Compete against family and friends each buying their own properties on the same map or bring it to their private map.
Operating System Windows Windows 10