Space Federation

Space Federation is a strategy game based on conquering a world...The greatest SpacebuymansIt's time to make a fortune !Although your ridiculous ship is no longer on its first adventure, it will take you to Hydrus, the constellation of your dreamsHydrus, the constellation of your dreamsJust arrived, you will dive into a fascinating world populated by merchants and bandits of all kinds! Random events will also be feared, no one can predict, not even Empress Exola!The Galaxy is too small for youThe ships of the entire galaxy belong to you ... But are you the most powerful Spacebuyman this world has ever known?Discover it in a world(and space!) ranking.d Sweet melody... dAll the music of the game have been composed by Arnaud Demaille for your total immersion.Other IndicationsOther Games :>Medieval Federation :>Exolar :>Light & Dark RPG : Site : : : you for your interest, don't forget to give your opinion and share this game with your friends, acquaintances, if it has conquered you !
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