After World

After world is a game about the survival of humans after the great devastation struck. The surviving humans eventually began to form colonies. For the sake of prospering work and survival between work will attack each other in order to expand and maintain the kingdom that he founded.This game not only focuses on defense and assault, but expanding the region and hero discoveries will add to the festive of this game. To get the hero the player has to do the quest, the more complicated the quests they take. The possibility of an interesting hero will be more wide open. The heroes can be resold in the special market of heroes. Prior to selling or in use hero can customize as you wish.The story begins with the destruction of the world and the survival of man, the land on earth began to change. Human began to survive in the midst of the destruction of nature. Rebuilding was done by small groups. Some groups have succeeded in building civilization back and expanding its territory, but the destruction that has happened does not change the nature of human beings, it makes more people want to mutual. Mutated humans and animals add to the chaos in this new world.1. Featuresa. Defense and base developmentb. Resource developmentc. Purchase and seizure of the islandd. Army development and upgradese. Attackf. HEROThis game will be played with genre strategy.Players will build territory with defense and army power to fight among fellow players. Resources are not less important to do the development and manufacture of army / troop.You will do the development, starting from the construction of the palace as the center of government. And also the defense building to survive from enemy attacks. Resources are needed for development, resources can be built by purchasing resources within the shop. These resources include, mines, forests and forbidden forests. Army will be built in army training barrack, research body will serve upgrade army skills. The higher the level. Damage, defense will be higher too.
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