Pirate TD: A legends defending game

Hail to the Captains!Tower defense (TD) is a subgenre of strategy video game where the goal is to defend a player's territories or possessions by obstructing the enemy attackers, usually achieved by placing defensive structures on or along their path of attack. This typically means building a variety of different structures that serve to automatically block, impede, attack or destroy enemies. Pirate TD: A legends defending game is seen as a subgenre of real-time strategy video games, due to its real-time origins, though many modern tower defense games include aspects of turn-based strategy. Strategic choice and positioning of defensive elements is an essential strategy of the genre.Pirate Tower defense, according to Clements, "plays off of our need for security, ownership, and a desire to protect the people closest to us" arising from a need to create intrinsic value through "ownership over things", "personal space" and to "repel our fears and insecurities".The tower defense genre can trace its lineage back to the golden age of arcade video games in the 1980s. The Pirate TD game featured shields which could be used to strategically, to obstruct enemy attacks on the player and assist the player to defend their territory, though not specifically to protect the territory. The 1980 game Missile Command changed that by introducing a strategy element. In the game, players could obstruct incoming missiles, and there were multiple attack paths in each attack wave. Missile Command was also the first of its kind to make use of a pointing device, a trackball, enabling players to use a crosshair. The innovation was ahead of its time and anticipated the genre's later boom. Additionally, in Missile Command, the sole target of the attackers is the base, not a specific player character. For these reasons, some regard it as the first true game in the genre.If you're looking for a free tower defense game that is challenging and looks great, then Pirate TD: A legends defending game is the game for youNavigate your pirate ship through the deadly waters of the Caribbean as you defend yourself from the evil Imperial Navy, hungry Cannibals, and the restless Undead Horde. Pirate Legends is a tower defense game, with stunning visuals and hours of fun for free!Construct buildings of terrible power and menacing power of magic of tower defense TD in preparation for an onslaught of monster hordes from taking your sea, slaying area, tower, village. Tower Defense Pirates TD games are some of the most popular games on Android Games for good reason!In pirates td, A legends defending game game You need to have good plan to defense tower on many waves which monster, zombies, or enemies can attacks.Face countless challenging battles & taste hard earned victory as you build, upgrade and repair horde-splatting Towers. Recruit and level up mighty Heroes to protect your village of sea in this top pirates tower defense experience!FEATURES OF PIRATES TD: A legends defending game- 20 unique towers with special abilities and 2 upgrade paths- 5 heroes with unique skills!- Defend your ship against against 30+ different enemies and 4 terrifying bosses- 3 difficulty modes and for the bravest pirates: epic challenges!- Stunning visuals and animations.- building construction and upgrades- unlimited number of sea battles and scenarios (merchant missions, smugglers missions, convoy missions, treasure hunt, pirate attacks, escort missions)- story-driven campaign set in a living world full of people.- historical module, with more than 50 years of real history and real eventsFEEL FREE AND PLAYING OUR Pirates TD: A legends defending game AND talk to me your ideas about that.THANKS!!!
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