12 Labours Of Hercules III

EXCLUSIVE:12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl PowerAPP FEATURES:Collect pieces of numerous incredible puzzles to solve!Over 40 Levels & also unlock extra bonus levels!GAME DESCRIPTION:A hero from Ancient Greece, Hercules, is fighting the great beast Scylla, when lurking Charybdis captures his friend Cerberus! Then, unseen by Hercules, takes the hero himself. The only chance for Hercules is his wife Megara.Help Megara free the hero and then accompany him in all of his adventures, including the forest of the Amazons and Mount Olympus in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power!VIDEO TRAILER:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaMnootK1FQCONTACT:Website www.jetdogs.com/Facebook www.facebook.com/JetDogs-Studios-1493529560901683/Twitter www.twitter.com/jetdogs
License Free
Version 1.0.3
Operating System Android