Zombie Evolution - Scary Merge and Clicker Game

Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre works. If you're into scary worls of zombies than this Zombie Evolution - Scary Merge and Clicker Game is just the right game for you. It is simple and addictive . Use this opportunity to create amazing scary mutations and various exotic forms of zombies. You just need to drag and drop similar zombies to create the next evolution. Mix and match mysterious forms and mutations to create even more advanced evolutions. As you create more and more evolutions, your zombies will generate even more coins! It's a vicious cycle! Take over the world with advanced species of zombies! Zombie Evolution - Scary Merge and Clicker Game is one of the best evolution clicker games around. Don't wait, download it now and see for yourself. How to play: - Drag and drop zombies to create a new evolution - Tap on the zombie to earn coins faster - Mix and match to further evolve zombies They drop even more coins when you tap them! The more powerful they are, the more coins they drop! Drag, drop, mix and match similar zombies to create a bunch of new, better and more powerful ones. Use your coins to give a boost to your evolution and discover new areas. Complete your zombie evolution collection and take over the planet with new species of zombies evolutions. Download Zombie Evolution - Scary Merge and Clicker Game now and lead your zombies in this amazing evolution clicker game! Create tons of scary zombies in this evolution game for boys and girls. FEATURES - Combine similar zombies to create a new evolution - Tap on the zombies to earn more coins - Ultimate incremental clicker game! - Zombies evolution like you've never seen before - Zombies drop coins, create new ones to earn more - Various forms of zombie mutations - More mutations - more coins! - Ultimate incremental clicker game! - New and amazing evolutions - Best evolution clicker game out there! - Discover new areas as your evolution continues to grow - Fantastic evolutions, allowing faster and better development of species - Different stages and many species of zombies to discover - Lead the zombies evolution and take over the world!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements None