Free Parcheesi Ludo Game

Welcome to the Free Parcheesi Ludo game Online is an online multiplayer version of popular classic board game parchis of the Cross and Circle family.Ludo Parcheesi / party Or Parcheesi board game is a popular in Spain as Parchis, It is an adaptation of the Indian cross and circle game Pachisiand known by different name in other countries.loodoo is most famous among American Players. As believed in Old cave ages Luck is partner of strategy in hunting mola mola, "pachisi" is unique blend ofluck and moves to hunt the pawns to win the opponent house."pachisi" is more than Ludo look alike game it is also played intellectually as a chess, it's like monopolio game.Born in caves of Ajanta Parcheesi is mother of ludo, in circle and cross family of board games.Let us introduce you the blend of perfect old classic board game and technology. Parcheesi a multiplayer game where you can play with friends and new peoplewhile you can play on same device.Let's see Americans who makes the best in pachisi.Parcheesi classic, or Parchis classic differs from ludo in term of game is a board with played on a board with a shape of a cross Around which are placedboxes 4 groups of 4 pieces of a different color are used for each of them. that develops its unique taste of luck and strategy twist.Enjoy it FREE on your mobile devices now anytime anywhere you feel like it. It can be played online multiplayer with other gamers all over the world,or the classic offline board game that you could play with your closest family and friends for a fun gameday or night!The name of Parchis comes from the word pacisi which means 25 in Hindu and which is the maximum possible result.Over time, parchis has made its way into the majority of homes. We are all players, whether we are big or small,with the family or with our friends, throwing the dice and hoping for the best combination to win or eat pawns to annoy other players.Features:MultiplayerIt is totally FREE to playAttractive AnimationsCan choose number of players, 2 or 4 player Parcheesi board game.Sound EffectsSmooth Game PlayDownload Free Parcheesi ludo games Online and have fun!If you like our game do not forget to let us reviewLike us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for the latest news:
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Version 1.5
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