Polisi vs Hantu Pocong, Genderuwo, Tuyul - Defense

Polisi VS Hantu is a strategic defense game, where you have to defense your city from the attack of scary ghost like Pocong, Genderuwo, Tuyul, Kuntilanak, Leak, Babi Ngepet, Jenglot, Buto Ijo, Palasik and Mak Lampir.With a special police unit that have ability like placing mine, ice blast and rocket missile making the game more fun and exciting for the hunter.With so many level with normal and hard mode, you will be guaranteed to have an endless fun while playing the game. For each level you completed, there's a chance that you will collect the ghost to your collection list, to see their skill and description.You can also do a mission to collect gem and star that can be used to upgrade your police unit so it get stronger and faster.This game is good to play when you have time both for children, adult or while with family. This game also can be played both online and offline.Have fun play this game and follow our instagram @digital_artha
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements None