War of Kings

Build your own castle, summon heroes of all ages from the time-space cracks, and start your journey of conquest in a troubled medieval world which is divided among tripartite alignments, namely Pirate, Mercenary and Kingdom!The alignment has no permanent friends or enemies.To war or not to war,That is still a question.Features:Empire building- UPGRADE the Resource Bases and buildings to revive from the chaos.- RESEARCH a range of technologies to enhance the resource production and military power.- TRAIN the Cavalries, Infantries and Archers to defeat the gangsters wandering around.Military Forces- SUBDUE heroes from the Temporal and Spatial gaps and summon them to lead your troops.- DISPATCH the 3 units of troops which are mutually restraint wisely to win the battle.- FORGE equipment and upgrade their qualities to strengthen your heroes.Cooperation and Competition- WORK together with your allies to develop your alignment and make friends from all over the world.- BATTLE against the rivals and occupy the resources and territories to rule the world.- Sometimes you can even UNITE with the rival alignment to catch up with the other one.Download War of Kings and enjoy this new strategy war-theme game for the ultimate supremacy. Napoleon, King Arthur, Alexander the Great, Hidyoshi Toyotomi, Emperor Qin and other legendary heroes are expecting you!Contacts:Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/War.of.Kings.GlobalEmail: jdgamehelp@gmail.com
Operating System Android