Nation Railroad Transport Empire Tycoon

Welcome to the age of steam and industrial revolution! Use your mighty locomotives, deliver resources to the different corners of your state and have fun with Nation Railroad Transport Empire Tycoon!Manipulate the industrialization of the whole country! Deliver ore to the factories and transfer manufactured goods back to the cities! Use trains, airplanes, be fast and save your country from the bankruptcy!The fate of Europe is in your hands - the clock is ticking as food and materials ending in towns and cities! Be a factory coordinator and deliver ore, stones, wood, canned food and coal to the riot cities to prevent the rebellion or the apocalyptic situation! Travel the world, keep in mind the level of the endowment of different cities and control the whole level of industrialization!Manage your factories properly and save Europe from the starvation as the transport minister with our Nation Railroad Transport Empire Tycoon game!Nation Railroad Transport Empire Tycoon features:Realistic railway transport system simulatorDifferent ways to deliver resourcesCool factory managementVarious unusual missionsFeel like a real railway magnate with Nation Railroad Transport Empire Tycoon!
Operating System Android