Epic Battle: Stickman Warriors

Epic treat for the fans of Epic battle simulator and stickman warriors. The latest Epic Battle: Stickman Warriors is the amazing new battle strategy game based on the concept of stickman warriors. Experience ground breaking clash of stickman warriors and classic weapon and war tactics only in Epic Battle: Stickman Warriors.Epic Battle: Stickman Warriors is backed by epic battle simulator of clash of stickman. Enjoy using stickman warriors to build a furious army to fight battles and emerge victorious. Witness the clash of stickman in this classic style clash of battle armies. Experience clash of battle of stickman fighters and enjoy this epic battle simulator.You have to fight battles to build a stronger army and to loot gold from the army you defeated. Experience with each fight, the clash is of stickman warriors, Spawn soldiers anytime into the battle field. We have developed this game so you can have full control over your army at all times. You can send new soldiers to war, during the clash of battle. You can deploy a part of your army to a specific location. You can change your army war tactics. You can change your battle formation. You can replace small soldiers with stronger soldiers in the next war. You can deploy any warrior, archer, or giant stickman soldier at any place to build a stronger army.The goal is to take over the enemy's castle or destroy it. Send your army to a war from your castle to destroy the enemy's castle. Both armies will do their best to destroy each other's castles. Show no mercy and deploy stronger warriors into the battle fields. Keep watch of all the soldiers in the battlefield and deploy soldiers where your soldiers are being killed or are less in numbers. Use small fighter stickmen to fight with small armies and use archers and giant stickman warrior to destroy castle or pack of armies.Fight the most amazing battle and test your battle and war instincts, a good commander never lets his soldier life taken in vain. Command your army to the victory and witness amazing clash of stickman in the latest stickman warrior battle edition the Epic Battle: Stickman Warriors. Download now!
Operating System Android