Trillionaire City Built - Way to Billionaire

We're so glad to tell you about this newest version of Trillionaire City Built - Way to Billionaire:Facebook connectivity has been improved. As always, feel free to get in touch with us whenever you have ideas, suggestions, and critics to make Trillionaire even better. We'll be waiting!Your goal is to beat out some of the richest people on earth by building new businesses and upgrading the buildings in order to earn more wealth.Trillionaire City Built - Way to Billionaire games are simple, easy-to-use programs that imitate the real-life workings of the equities markets. Most stock market games give users $100,000 in pretend money to start. .Ever wanted to be a Millionaire? A Billionaire? A Trillionaire !? or a money tycoon, well tap tap tap and you could become a tapping money tycoon.Tap like a millionaire tycoon and you could be a billionaire tycoon before you know it.Start from nothing and build your own business empire in the best simulation of capitalism. Build and upgrade your company into the greatest ever!Get rich by buying upgrades for your properties! Invest in WiFi, karaoke evenings, and VIP areas to make locations more valuable and boost your rental income. But be careful: to avoid going broke, you must manage your portfolio well to ensure you have enough money to pay your daily property charges. Bank your cash and you'll soon be a finance juggernaut!1) Tap endlessly early on to increase development. When you're starting off, you will have to put in a bit of work to speed up the development of a new building or upgrading your current ones. Each time you see the timer, you can tap rapidly to speed up the time. I recommend doing this early on for times less than 5 minutes - but it's up to you.2) Select buildings with low threat and higher max hold. These two metrics are the most important in this game. As you will not likely stay within the app tapping away, especially when buildings will take much longer to upgrade or build, it's best to have buildings that can hold a lot of the currency so more will be waiting for you the next time you enter the application. The earning per minute rate is irrelevant because chances are, you will not be waiting within the app to see your cash increase.3) Before you leave the app, collect all the money and upgrade all buildings. I found the best way to play this game is passively with push notifications. To maximize your earnings, make sure to continuously collect all the money and upgrade your buildings.4) Use your gems wisely and share if the opportunity comes for more. You can earn gems throughout the game which can either be used towards speeding the wait time of the building or avoid being fined by the police. Getting convicted is a huge blow to your available cash, so it's best to save your gems here if you have saved up a lot of money.5) Keep your 'threat' percentage low. Businesses with a higher threat percentage usually have a faster earning rate, but the risk of getting convicted in a lot higher. I highly recommend staying away from this route, especially later on once you start building wealth. Also, buildings with a negative threat % will reduce your total % further. These are great investments to consider.6) Sell of your smaller properties. Buildings with a lower max hold are not worth holding on to. It's best to sell these buildings, especially if they are adding to your 'threat' percentage.7) Multitask, if you'd like to build faster. If you're watching a show or browsing the web, keep the app open and tap away to speed up production times of new buildings. It's not a hassle and will not distract you as you play.8) Keep available cash to a minimum prior to leaving the app. Keep investing in buildings and upgrades. If your available cash is low, than the court can only take what cash you own. So keep this money safe by leaving it in the business.
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