Tower Defense: Toy Battle

Tower Defense: Toy Battle is a great strategy game for you. Just released, Tower Defense: Toy Battle will bring you all the emotions: Frenzied fighting, brave defense or enemy defenses, defense bases and legends td ...Enjoy powerful emotions with powerful combat units such as: machine guns, power towers, fire towers ... or anti-aircraft guns, missiles. Rational use and great tactics will help you win on battlefield.Do not forget to upgrade your weapons, plan your strategy so you can succeed. More than other strategy game or war tower defense.Many other toy defense games you have played, but Tower Defense: Toy Battle is the best strategy war game ever. All the real vehicles of Russia, America, .. are remixed wonderful.Use your genius mind to victory. Do everything to be a legends td.Use your brainpower to conquer this tower defense. This is a very good tower defense . This Tower defense has many modern warfare facilities in practice. Accurate reproduction of a real battle. Are you ready to join this tower defense ?Great features: - 5 discoveries and over 150 levels. 150 battle locations: desert, beach, volcano ... with amazing toy soldier likes toy defense game.- Free game, is defense game free so you can play offline.- Level up and improve your skills with 4 game modes.- Deploying infantry and powerful machine guns in Tower Defense: Toy Battle TD.- Deploying anti-aircraft artillery fire stations.- 4 great support systems from the base: freezing, digging, leveling towers and destroying enemies.- Fast motion features that other toy war towers do not have.- Great sound effects. - Beautiful graphics effect, more than many other defense games.....Have fun playing with Tower Defense: Toy Battle, our strategy game.Thank you for playing with Tower Defense: Toy Battle !
Operating System Android