Madness Defense

When an apocalypse occur, it doesn't take long for people to become nuts. You are back against the wall, either you choose to fight for your life or to die. That kind of situation can lead to madness. So let the madness combat these zombies. How to play: Each level contains a few waves of Zombies. You have to swipe with your finger over a unit and a mad man will be spawned and defend you against the Zombies- For every Zombies you kill you will get new coins. Each wave will be harder and harder, so prepare yourself. Features- Upgrade your troops to defeat the zombies. Collect coins after each kill to buy more units in the game. Classic zombie shooter with a new twist. Shoot zombies and gain bonuses each level. Over 40+ levels. Enjoy this zombie strategic game and give it all in the battlefield. Released for the 15th anniversary of the first ''Madness Combat'' video. This game is happening in an alternate universe, using the style of the "Madness Combat" series. This game was published with the autorization of Krinkels himself (Original creator of the "Madness Combat series". Check out his website: http://www.krinkels. netAlso, CHECK OUT THEIR UPCOMING GAME CALLED "PROJECT NEXUS 2" http://projectnexus2.comIf you wanna support Krinkels himself, feel free to visit his patreon:
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