This app was built by Ayobami Ogunlade for Droidery Challenge 2017 in Ekiti State University. Rockpaperscissors game is not a game of chance, but a strategic system with a strong psychological foundation. According to my research, RPS dates back to the Han Dynasty in China (206 BC - 220AD). The game, known as "sansukumi-ken" in Japan (hand, three-way, deadlock), fingers and hands are used to represent a variety of different symbols in addition to rock, paper, and scissors, including slugs, poisonous centipedes, frogs, and hunters. RPS is technically a zero-sum hand game (meaning one person's loss is exactly equal to another person's gain) played between two people in which each player simultaneously creates one of three shapes with their hand. The shapes are "rock" (a fist), "paper" (a flat hand), and "scissors" (a fist with the index and middle fingers forming a V). There are four possible outcomes, A tie, rock crushes scissors, paper covers rock, scissors cut paper. This game helps in so many ways to reduce indecission and to get away stress and depression. The images in the games means: Rock: Very aggressive, symbolized by the fist. Players subconsciously think of rock as a weapon and will rely on it when other strategies are not working, Scissors: Some aggression, as they are sharp and dangerous, but also useful craft tools. Represent controlled aggression used as a clever throw--often when someone is confident or winning, Paper: The most subtle move. An open hand is passive, peaceful, and friendly. Some players won't use this when falling behind because it may symbolize weakness. Other players identify paper with writing and as such, the power of print is a subtle attack. In those cases, paper may be used to signify superiority.
Operating System Android