Alliance War: Special Ops

Alliance war: Special Ops--A epic RTS MMO game focused on modern war in Arabian Peninsula. You know the real meaning of peace only if you have been through the war. " - Kosovar"You, my commander, was called by people as leader with the hope to bring the peace and prosperity to this great and ancient land again, even it means the war. You must take this responsibility and use your strategy to lead people to build a modern Arabic military base, gather resource, research techs, expand troops, defeat the raiders and conquer the world. BASE BUILDINGConstruct Arabic& modern military Base with lots of buildings which need to leveled up and activated. You have to think more strategically to arrange your time to construct your unique Base with the lowest costExplore the Vast Arabian Desert In the Big World, there are lots of resource and potential dangers: The terrorists who will drop rare items and Relics are waiting to be explored;Other players will keep trying to attack your base and raid resource, choose and command the soldiers, panzers, tanks and aircrafts units to destroyed everything stopped your riseCreate Alliance and Conquer the WorldInvite your friends and create the alliance, coordinate attacks with up to 50 players around the globe, send resource to each other to develop and send assistant troops to fight the invader. Share your passion and desires. Alliance fields, Alliance resource and Alliance tech can make you stronger, work coordinate will make you Alliance more powerful effectively Online strategic PVPResource conflict, Alliance war, the revenge of players. the way to the top of throne is full of clash, What's your war strategy? Which armed units you will choose? What kind of alliance you will join? what's the skills? what's the tech, realign or war. Those will make you a war mastermind as a Lion of Desert. Support If you have any feedback, please write to us at lions.
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