Zombie Supply Trader

Zombie Supply Trader is a post-apocalyptic strategy game where you must travel from city to city buying and selling supplies like food, water, guns, & ammo. All while facing life threatening obstacles along the way. You'll also come across scenarios in which YOU decide how to proceed. Every choice you make will affect how long you survive. Z. S. T.combines the strategy of a resource management game, the excitement of a point and click adventure and the charm of a text based game. Features: Multiple, highly detailed cities to fully explore. Encounter dozens of detours that can potentially alter world events. Fight zombies and roving gangs of looters & bandits. A fully interactive world that has droughts, floods, fires, & famine that could upset prices at the market. Use your CB radio for tips on the cheapest supplies and then sell them to the people that need them the most. Minor bug fixes.
Operating System Android