Evolution Defense: Orc Rush

Being different from another tower defense game, Evolution Defense- Orc Rush will bring to players a new experience. You can control game units and combine them to create other stronger units. With your creation and units combination, you can prevent the Orc clan's invasion. You are able to upgrade your team by tower upgrading features and manage every kind of soldier' s strength. In addition, there is a richness of charms. Specially, with many heroes that are combined with super skills, your team will be very strong and ready to face with the cruel Orc clan. Game Features. 4 lands with more than 40 levels. More than 10 heroes with strong and amazing skills. 6 kinds of army including sword, archer, priest, axe, tank and mage to combine them to make a lot of struggle strategies. Orc clan with more than 30 kinds of tower defense. More than 8 bosses of Orc that will be ready to kill your team anytime. More than 10 kinds of charms that will be equipped for your units. With an awesome game and quick militancy music, Evolution Defense will bring to the fans of tower defense game an unforgettable experience. Now, let's stand up and protect your towers.
Operating System Android