Block Battle

Block Battle is a very interesting and familiar puzzle game for block game. It'll take you back to the childhood with very nice new graphics design for block game. This block game gets all the charm of the Puzzle game: Simple, fun, attractive and suitable to everybody. It's very helpful for improving your memory and your reflectionsThe famous game puzzle named Block Legendnow is available in Android devices. It has familiar game play and beautiful graphics design like block. Brain games like this one train concentration, reaction time, and spatial orientation skills Please try to stack all blocks and achieve the highest score. Awesome Features: Entirely free to play. Outstanding fantasy-art visuals and full soundtrack. With online leaderboard, you can play block game, make high score and share your scores with your friends. How to play: Create vertical horizontal and cross with same match at lease 3 blocks- When you make it, it is cleared from the screen. The game is over when the blocks pile up and reach the top of the screen. You get more points for completing types lines at once.
Operating System Android