Assault Wave

Real time single/multiplayer tactical action with easy Drag & Target & Drop controls yet plenty of game play depth. Operation Cobra, 1944: Germans are desperately trying to stop the US advance, which side will you take? Mobile Tech Review - 4. 5/5"The multiplayer component truly shines. Play this game with a friend and watch it come alive. ". Eurogamer. dk - 8/10"Assault Wave is a good, fast and fun game that contains all the elements required for being a good strategy. ". Pocket Gamer / Bronze Award "The simplicity of Assault Wave makes for some frantic encounters"."Overall this is a good fun game with which you can kill a great deal of spare time"."All iPad gamers should watch for this game. ". 148Apps"The whole look of Assault Wave exudes a gutsy feeling that is reminiscent of war themed comic books of years gone by. "Features. US and Germany as first playable nations. Single Player Campaigns and Battles. Rookie and Veteran difficulty levels. Multiplayer 1 vs 1: On Same Device & Online. 16 Unique Battle Maps. Unlock new Units and Commands. Online Multiplayer leaderboard. Achievements.
Operating System Android