Clash Of Orcs City Building Defense War TD

Join the tribe today, rise in ranks in the forge of war, fight the in the epic clash of tribes to dominate and unite them and increase your clan power. Are you the leader who will conquer them all and build the ultimate empire? Maybe you can't see your fate ... but I believe in You! So start your ascension now!You are welcome to experience the war in a mix of the best gaming genes: City Building, Tower Defense, Real Time Strategy, Massively Multiplayer Online Game.Pr3t3nd3r the developer of Asgard Heroes & Galactic Dream - Rage of War presents: Clash OF Orcs:Next generation 3D immersion experienceFast build of the city, not waiting months to advance like in other defense gamesStart the adventure in Medieval times and advance your village to futuristic Sci-Fi time!Build your village and improve the defence .Defend again the horde waves of enemy clansRaise your own army to fight other playersYou don't lose your troops after battles thoughDefend your base with towersUpgrade you town to level 30When a player upgraded his HQ high enough he could start another base and while upgrades take days in your first base you can spend your time on the other base(s) upgrading and gathering resources and stuffConstant updating and improving the game play based on players inputEpic clash of forces in a battle for supremacyBig armies , strong defenses ,very much fun playing & great time killerHelps you with your mental abilities since you have to think how to set up your base and what strategies to useA game for those people who like a real war.Become the ultimate War Chief!Future Plans - To Do's- Controlling a unit in FPS / 3rd Person- Spy's- Alliance Clan Wars- Common Clan Base and Army- Powerful Heroes with powerful abilities- Heavy siege units- Military strategy in Interactive battles, battle commands- Ability to chose the player you want to attack- Controlling Units in Battles (maybe like a RTS game with Hold, Attack, Move menu)- Not fighting only towers but also the troopsDevelopment focused on Gameplay!This game is a great combination of tower defense and tower offense. Upgrade different troops for raids, build different towers and path designs, the options in war are endless, and only a skilled tactician can find themBefore rating please remember that I'm only one developer and I do my best to develop, Improve and fix the game. But I don't know exactly what your problems are. If you contact me with bugs and game suggestions I promise they will be fixed fasted than in any other gameInternet access is NOT required all the time to be able to play!The Horde need a strong chief! are you up to the challenge ?
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