Asgard Heroes

Having been stranded by your people on an elusive planet, it is your task to rebuild all that you know in order to reach the stars to obtain freedom and glory. After kicking the asses of all the Asgardians, the Avatar decided that they've earned a nap, so they sleep for 69 years. The events of Xeno Tactics begin when the Avatar wake up. They are very hungry, and since the remaining Asgardians will not freely offer themselves up as food, war ensues. As a Guardian, you will start the game acting as a leader of a Resistance outpost. You and other Guardians are the Altarian elite, the last resort. You are the best. You have seen many suns and planets, even the hidden Terra, which is far from being. just. a legend. But we all need to buy our mother Earth time. Time to rebuild, time to design the Ultimate Weapon that will repel the alien invasion, once and for all.
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