Orange ball firing

Orange ball firing. is a very happy casual games. The game screen is very simple, the center of the white background, placed a constant rotation of the ball, as if the universe in the mysterious planet, just below the launch of the launch of the ball at any time. The game is very simple, when the orange ball spinning, you only need to click through the screen, to the bottom of the screen with a number of small ball stuck to the ball, all with a number of ball straight stick can be finished. Seemingly simple operation and play, but want to let the ball with a number of the ball does not hit the ball next to the ball, the game will be declared over. Game features: Support Tablet PC- click to play- more than 1200 challenging levels and a lot of game props. don't let the ball collide- how many levels can you challenge? - competitive with friends all over the worldSuch a fun game, but also, and so on? Invite your loved one to challenge them with your friends.
Operating System Android