Futuristic Robot Horror 3D

This is an exciting survival horror against a futuristic robot. You will play as the novice investigator, who took over a difficult task: infiltrate factory of the evil corporation X Ray and discover all its secrets. There you expect smart carobot that will not let you get away for five nights. Outwit the machine, you save your life and destroy all the enemy plans. If you are ready to test, not afraid of this atmosphere of horror, the front - a futuristic robot waits for the game to you. You will experience the effect of total immersion thanks to the excellent 3D graphics and sophisticated physics. Rooms of factory X Ray, a deadly form of carobot and his weapons will put pressure on you and will not let rest. Exciting music will keep on your toes all five nights, so be prepared to fight with your own horrors. Dodge, hold on to your life and to feel fear. To fulfill your mission you will have to search for notes that contain all the information about the evil deeds of corporation X Ray. Do not delay, because to hold more than five nights against futuristic robot just will not work, and leave empty-handed can not. Use small stunners to delay carobot and win some time for yourself. Use any of the gadgets and equipment, which will find - even if it belongs to the horror enemy, it will help you not to die five nights. Avoid traps, hide and run away from carobot if necessary. You bear a great responsibility for the disclosure of X Ray plans, but also you and the only hope to stop them. Anyone can become a detective and test yourself as Futuristic Robot Horror 3D completely free game. Plunge into the atmosphere of survival and show all your skills. Do not let carobot of X Ray beat you and tell the whole world about the atrocities of the corporation. Good luck in the next five nights - show off your skills to the futuristic robot.
Operating System Android