Free minesweeper classic android. Popular and fun game for children and adults. Fun for the whole family. For mobile phones and tablets. key features- Classic Design. Classic menu: you can select the level and options by clicking on them or sliding, as the classic menus windows. 6 different levels. Sounds. Timer. Final explosive. Auto save and load. App Responsive: adapts to any screen size. Language: Translated into English, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Korean, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Indonesian, Filipino (Tagalog), Romanian, Czechoslovak, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Turkish and Greek. How to play- Flag: press the desired cell and not let go until you see the flag on the top button, be displayed while the button and in the cell. New game: press the top button smile. RulesThe game is to clear all the boxes on a screen that does not hide a mine. Some boxes have a number, which indicates the number of mines that are in the surrounding fields. Thus, if a box has the number 3 means that there are eight boxes around (if not on a corner or edge) mines are 3 to 5 without mines. If you discover a numbered box indicates that none of the neighboring squares have mine and they are automatically discovered. If a square with a mine is discovered the game is lost. You can put a mark on the boxes that the player thinks that there are mines to help uncover those near. The game also has a system of records. My app: bubble lines 98sudokusolitaire card gamesliding puzzleMine sweeperRC4812.
Operating System Android