Empire: War of Rome

Empire: War of Rome is an MMO and RTS war strategy game. You can establish your own kingdom, upgrade buildings and technologies, train strong troops, cooperate with allies from all over the world, and fight against millions of global players with superb war strategies, to create your own game world. Game Featuresv Innovative PVP And PVE ModeEmpire: War of Rome uses gestures, with which you can be swift with the control of your troops to shift tactics, such as besiegement, pursuit and interception. v Embodiment Of Wisdom And StrategyIn Empire: War of Rome, you can take advantage of the talent of each branch of arms, manage your troops reasonably, defeat enemies when you are in a relatively weak position, to achieve success at last. v Kingdom ConstructionThis game simulates the construction of the real country with more than ten kinds of functional buildings, help your kingdom grow from ruins to a grand country. v All Players Play TogetherYour opponents and allies come from all over the world. You can unite with global allies to defeat all the opponents who impede your development, to lead your kingdom on the way of the world's highest honor. v Interaction In AllianceEmpire: War of Rome has a unique alliance system with real-time translation of 43 languages. Alliance members can help each other, collaborate on tasks, act in teams and reinforce friends' power. Total Interaction, total war. What's new? # More convenient view FAQ, We put it in the city on a statue. # Bag have a new function, Choose to buy quantity & Select Amount Used. # Fix alliance mail feature, you can get the alliance offer. # New function, Use of props and construction task will be into the security resources, in this part of the resource will not be looted. If you have any questions about this game, please contact with us: Facebook Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/warofrome/Player Support & FAQ mainpage: https://gametrend. helpshift.com/a/com-gametrend-aowrome/? p=androidPlayer Support Email: support@gametrendgames.com.
Operating System Android