Fully translated to English. The January Uprising: Strategy Game is a game in which you move into 1863 and take part in the famous nineteenth century Polish conflict, the January Uprising. After a hundred years of occupation, poles once again are throwing themselves into the unequal struggle with the Russian invaders. As commander of the Polish insurgent army you will face the Russian Empire in small guerrilla skirmishes and major battles. You will meet historical figures and visit places where the fate of the uprising was decided. You will learn the nuances of insurgent politics and the secrets of the nineteenth century guerrilla warfare. From the very beginning the chances of success of the uprising were very slim. But do not give up. You can still change the course of history. The January Uprising: Strategy Game is: real-time strategy with elements of guerrilla warfare. several types of Polish insurgent troops and troops of the Russian Empire. 12 missions. story leading the player through the history of the uprising. historical materials related to the uprisingNote: minimum required resolution of 800x480px. Please report bugs in here: http://fundacja-sensua. pl/forum/.
Operating System Android