Space War Game Star Dancer

Command: "Blue 6 - come in blue 6? "Blue 6: "I've lost my targeting computer, engines at 50 percent - going down."Love space battles? Space Dogfights? Beam weapons? Frantic Pilot Chatter? Then Star Dancer is the game for you. Star Dancer is a space strategy game that is very different from any other space strategy game in existence. Set your research focus, manage your fleet, tweak your flight behaviours and defeat your opponent in glorious 3d. Enjoy epic 3d space battles as you fight across a 2-5 player campaign (online or against the AI) - or simply enjoy a quick battle against a random opponent. Watch glorious space combat on your mobile or tablet. Features: Cinematic 3D Space WarfareDynamic Pilot Chatter and Sound Effects (You can edit the pilot chatter - contact me for details if you wish to try your hand at playing with your own pilot chatter) Online (Asynchronous) MultiplayerStrategic Multiplayer CampaignUnique Flight Settings SystemStreamlined Research System. Machine Learning - the AI adapts to your flight patterns. Extra FeaturesAbility to set your own music. Get that hard rock or heavy metal pumping as ships blast each other in deep space. Ability to set as Live Wallpaper (screenshots taken from within game) - save your best space battle images on your phone. Watch and share 3d space battles with friends afterwards (try casting to your TV for extra effect. ). The cost of the app represents the high cost of development - this game cost me (as a solo developer) approximately $8, 000 AUD to create plus a 3 month stay in hospital and so far I've effectively recovered a negligible amount of that back (less than $50 at time of writing- after 9 months since first release). However I believe the price is fair given there is a free version available as well and that the actual cost of mobile games for users is far below their actual worth - there is no free to play garbage in this game, no in app purchases - buy it once and you've got the full game - plus access to support should you need it. Try out the lite version first to ensure it is compatible with your device. Note - future updates to this game may include changed experiences regarding balance. (Most likely I will edit the Outlander's stats to bring them into line with the other factions, they are a little underpowered) Let's play (full version) v=YCaEJVNo2ZgThere are no advertisements in this game or in app purchases. Here is a second video of the gameplay v=JEkquhWCzgMHere is a link to the developer's bloghttp://stardancercinematicspaceopera. a link to the game's website: link to the game's facebook page: to more youtube videos of in game space battles:
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