Candy Block Puzzle

Candy Block Puzzle is an addictive connect line game. In this game you have to create 10X10 horizontal or vertical lines to enjoy this blocks puzzle game. Need to refresh for a while? Take a pause draw 10X10 lines and refresh yourself within few minutes with this line block puzzle game of Candy Block Puzzle. Special Features: The game rule of this block puzzle game is simple and challenging. If you enjoy playing some other block mania game then you are going to love this game too. In this game of block fit 10X10 blocks we have added some features which you cannot find in some other games of solving Block puzzle. How to play: Simple game rules, just drag and drop blocks to make 10X10. No color matching is required in this game. Fill all the grids and act smart. Plan before your move, if find difficult we have given option to rotate the block and solve the block puzzle mania. Game Features: This game improves the problem solving skills set. A perfect pause for refreshment. Online System ranking. Invite friend to get more gift.
Operating System Android