Knights Inc.

Welcome to Knights Inc. , a minimalistic manager where you send Knights-for-Hire on bountiful quests to keep your business alive. Capitalism has hit the middle ages. And thus, the Kingdom is in grave distress. But a time of great crisis leads to great opportunity. Hire Knights, solve Quests, gather Gold and go inevitably bankrupt. Brandishing swords and axes is fun, but the future of the kingdom lies in the hands of entrepreneurship. How long can you survive in the claws of the savage beast of the free market?Did we mention Dragons are Capitalists?Talk about natural selection. Randomized Quests and Knights;. Send Knights on Quests, make them Beg for Gold or Sack them for the sake of downsizing;. Manage your employee's satisfaction or face the dangers of high turnover;. Choose your company's goal in challenging Scenarios.
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Operating System Android