Warlords Battlecry demo

Real-time strategy had no room for heroics....until now. The question is, will you be the hero of your race, or just another soldier in the field? Warlords Battlecry takes real-time strategy gameplay into the next generation with hero-based gameplay. Create a hero in one of eight races and then take him and his armies through campaigns, quests, and multiplayer games. The eight races include: humans, dwarfs, orcs, minotaurs, undead, high elf, dark elf, and wood elf. Your hero and his armies must set out, on either a path of good or a path of evil, to destroy the Two Tears (two powerful and mystical meteorites) before they fall into the wrong hands. As you win scenarios, campaigns, or multiplayer games and your hero gains experience, he will be able to choose a specialty class that will strengthen his attributes. The four broad classes include warrior, priest, rogue, and wizard.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 87.61 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98
System Requirements Pentium-233, Windows 95/98, 64MB RAM, DirectX Drivers