Liberation Day demo

The enemy is merciless: it has superior weaponry and allies with supernatural powers, and you're heavily outnumbered. You have just one advantage: the enemy's not expecting you. Your objective is to land a small force undetected on the planet's surface. Build a defensive perimeter and manufacturing centers, then find the resources you'll need to construct high-tech troops, heavy tanks, fighters and bombers, dreadnoughts, and submarines--a total of 28 advanced unit types to take into battle with you. You view the action from above, and make all the strategic decisions for your different types of troops in order to prevail. You can also challenge your friends using support for up to four players in either cooperative campaigns or deathmatches, via modem or network.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 22.97 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 95
System Requirements Pentium, Windows 95, 16MB RAM, DirectX drivers 5.0, SVGA