Deadlock II demo (small)

Deadlock II: Shrine Wars is an exciting game of strategy, resource management, and military conquest. This download includes two playable demos, each of which last 15 turns before expiring. The first version is a single-player game called Wasteland, in which you play the humans battling across the great wasteland against your former allies, the Re'Lu. The second demo, Donut, is a multiplayer game in which the Chug Sea region is contested by three races: the Tarth, the Cyth, and the Uva Mosk. Choose your race and enter the fray. This is a two- or three-player game that works with either a serial, modem, IPX, or TCP/IP connection; one player chooses to be the host, and the other(s) join that game. In the interest of saving space, this demo does not include music, movies, or sound effects.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 11.53 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT
System Requirements Pentium-90, Windows 95/NT, 16MB RAM, 60MB disk space, DirectX 5.0 drivers, Sound Blaster 16, SVGA