X-Com III demo

X-COM: Apocalypse is a strategy combat game that features strategy gameplay and real-time or turn-based tactical combat. The game is an upgrade from the previous two X-COM games, featuring SVGA graphics, more strategic gameplay, more realistic tactical squad combat, and more action in the optional real-time combat mode. You command the elite X-COM troops as they strive to investigate and repel an alien invasion of Earth. You can research and manufacture new weapons, vehicles, and armor so that your X-COM soldiers have the best equipment available during combat with the aliens. You must discover the source of the alien invasion, penetrate the alien world and destroy the alien control center to prevent further invasions.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 34.75 MB
Operating System Windows
System Requirements 486/100, DOS 5.0 or later or Windows 95, 16MB RAM, 25MB disk space