Mini Golf 100 +

Mini Golf Game. (Miniature Golf, Putt Putt Golf)It's designed to be able to add levels in the future.You can play for a very long time.A variety of gimmicks are also more powerful than previous ones!Aim for the top player in the world rankings!---- Feature ----- Something realistic 3D game- It is beautiful graphics- Operation is simple, pull shot- You can retake a shot using ticket. (mulligan)- There is a way to get a ticket for free- It is easy to clear 100 levels- It is difficult after 100 level- A treasure chest on the course, hit and open, get a ball- Ball changeable (Each ball is distinctive)- There are 3 missions every day, the difficulty is high, but there are rewards.- It is addicting to aim at ranking high ranks![new] Win higher ranks in the tournament and get tickets.Free-to-Play.Give it a try right now!!---- Hint ----It's possible to obtain 3 stars with a normal golf ball (the first ball).It's important to change the ball to aim at the minimum number of strokes.---- Differences from Mini Golf 100 ----- There are over 100 levels. It will be added in version upgrade.- There are some changes from level 1 to 100, but the basic course is the same as the previous one.- Bugs through walls are less likely to occur.- Strengthened the ball characteristics (characteristics differ from the previous work)- Shot support has been enhanced- There are additional features such as Mission and Tournament.
License Free
Version 1.3.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up