Glow Hockey 2018 : Glow Air Hockey Neon Hockey

Glow Hockey game is the Air Hockey game designed specifically for everyone. Where you can get the Neon Hockey effect in this Glow Hockey game. Having a different features of the game which include different skins in this glow hockey game. All you need to you is show your perfect skills to unlock other skins in this Glow Hockey game.Glow Hockey game which is also know as Air Hockey game has different levels.i) Easyii) Mediumiii) Hardiv) ExtremeGlow Hockey game also has different goals strategy to win the game.i) 3 goals to winii) 5 goals to winiii) 7 goals to winiv) 9 goals to winGlow hockey game also have the option to play with other player or to play with computer. Computer AI is very stromng in this Glow Hockey game. To win Air Hockey Game you need to use extra skills to make the score. Start with the basics in this Glow Hockey 2018 game by starting with Easy level and 3 goals to win in this Air Hockey 2018 game.Glow Hockey Multiplayer will be added in the next build. Stay tuned for the next update.The Neon Effect in this Glow Hockey game is super amazing and the sound are perfect & not irritating to you and everyone around. Glow hockey 2018 game also have options to enable the vibration and to stop the music at anytime during the play and at the start.Just download and amazing glow hockey game and score goals.
Operating System Android