Basketball Flip

With Basketball Fling, you will enjoy playing basketball. Basketball Fling is a brand new game genre with a combination of fun sections. Arcade Finger Touch Basketball Fling which collects sporting category together Game Basketball Flings will enjoy the game with a different level than the one in the simple game.In addition to a normal basketball game, the different levelers in the game offer you a fun basketball game with both thinking and puzzle style.Features:- Easy moving- Play free!- Drop the balls into the pot- Touch before touching the ball and shooting- Move your finger left / right to change the direction of the ball- Open the way to the pot by dragging the barriers- Award-winning video feature- Streamlined animations and smart touch controls- Basket (pulley) can move horizontally, vertically and squarely- Blocks that are played on the Stage, changing at each stage- Try to finish the game by passing the hard balls.- Easy to access, difficult to master.Soon:- 2 different online multiplayer modes- 3D graphicsThe basketball battle is a genre-style game that allows you to develop your skills and then play the ball ...Get it down now. Do not waste your time to download and play Basketball Fling.START NOW FREE DOWNLOAD PLAY NOW.
Operating System Android