Tablet Football

Turn your handheld device into a portable Foosball Table, just in time for the World Cup!- Fast, arcade style Table Football- Play single player tournaments or quick matches with friends in local multiplayer- Tense penalty shoot-outs to decide close matches- Bring on your star players to gain the edge and unleash their special abilities- Choose from any of the top 32 international football teams- Unlockable teams featuring special historical starsThis free soccer game is perfect for football or soccer fans raving a quick fix during the half time breaks in the World Cup. Compete as all the teams from Russia and play out real life rivalries between Brazil and Argentina or Germany and England.Better yet this football game's free so you can jump right in now and score epic goals. Become the king of the soccer world.Just make sure you can hold your nerve in a World Cup final penalty shoot out...
Operating System Android