Bobsleigh eXtreme 3D Game

If you race track on ice in the Bobsleigh Extreme, Your stress Will disappear.Similar to the simulation produced in 3D.--------------------------------------------------------* Bobsleigh Extreme Features *This game has created a moving reality game using only the force of gravity with physics engine.This game did not express exaggerated background, camera, effects, light etc.Applied gravity, ice, metal with the physics engine use have been expressed as to the realism of the bobsled.* Bobsleigh Extreme Important function *Features such as TV broadcast replay.The game features a detailed tutorial.Finish the course developer preview.Various camera modes can be set.* Bobsleigh Features *Five different characteristics can be selected bobsled.The center of gravity, a mass, a control range is different, have unique properties.* Bobsleigh Extreme Course*This game is made up of total of 15 courses.Each course has been unique characteristics.Each course is made by mixing the basic course and the extreme course difficulty.Extreme course be made up variety of courses include a steep course, obstacle course, Slip course, jump course etc.Thank you.
License Free
Version 4.6
Operating System Android