Your Call Football - Live play calling competition

We're blurring the lines between football and gaming - while revolutionizing both. YCF lets you, the fans, vote on three coach selected plays, in real-time, and the majority voted play is exectued on the field during a live professional football game. This is the world's first football competition where fans can show off their play-calling prowess while competing for multiple weekly cash prizes - all right from their phones. Prove you're an X's and O's genius by outsmarting the defense, your friends, and even our own coaches. The YCF season kicks off with live games this spring at Historic Dodgertown in Vero Beach on May 3. You can't win if you don't play. Get in the game today.- A Real-Life Video Game: Real teams. Real games. But all the play-calling power is in your hands.- Fan Play-Calling: Download the app, watch the Your Call Football gamecast, and vote in real time on coach-selected plays. The play with the most fan votes wins gets run on the field. - Compete for Cash Prizes: Earn points for good calls. Compete against your friends and other fans in head-to-head challenges or one-game leagues. Climb the leaderboard to earn the biggest payouts.
Operating System Android