Biathlon Manager 2018

Biathlon Manager 2018. In the game you need to create your biathlete and lead him to the top of the world rankings. When carrying out a race, you need to consider a variety of factors, such as endurance, speed skiing, speed and accuracy of shooting. After the race, you need to determine which biathlete skills you need to improve at the moment. 80 levels of improvement for each skill are available to you, so the game may not be very fast in the passage. In addition to training in the task will include the restoration of biathlete forces and the search for additional money for training. You can spend free days restoring strength to an athlete or go to work. Choose the best option for passing the game.Features:- The game does not require a permanent connection to the Internet - Biathlon Manager 2018 is completely free and does not require financial investments - 80 levels of development of each skill - 4 types of races differing in the length of the circle and the number of shooting ranges - 36 race tracks broken into 4 championships.Start with the Junior Cup and win the World Cup. With Biathlon Manager 2018 you will experience the real life of a biathlete. You will feel the joy of victory and the desire for revenge in defeat. Become the leader of the world rating.I wish you a pleasant game!
Operating System Android