Blocky Speed Racing: Highway Traffic Racer

Enter the world of illegal highway racing - where crazy racers race against the traffic on busy highways! Race your car at high speeds, earn money for dangerous driving and upgrade your cars to create the ultimate blocky racer!HIGH SPEED TRAFFIC RACINGTake your blocky racer to the highway! Using simple controls, use your thumb to press the gas and brake pedal and choose tilt or touch controls to steer the car. Race against the flow of traffic on the road and earn coins for dangerous driving - be careful not to smash into the traffic, though, or it's game over!BUILD YOUR BLOCKY RACERSpend your coins on buying new blocky racers, or upgrading the one you have. Race 5 impressive cars including a muscle car, sports car and pickup truck!Each car comes with a wide range of upgrade and customization options - wheels, tyres, engine, brakes, nos and more. Choose your favourite car and upgrade it to build the ultimate blocky racer to dominate the illegal highway racing world!CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAMEChoose from three different game modes; one way traffic, two way traffic and time trial. Customize the weather and number of lanes on the road for a different racing experience every time you play!------------------------------------------------------------BLOCKY SPEED RACER - HIGHLIGHTS------------------------------------------------------------- Simple controls; use touch or tilt to steer your blocky racer- Choose from 5 race cars including muscle cars, pickup trucks and sports cars- Lots of customization and upgrade options for each car - build your own racer!- 3 game modes to choose from - time trial, one way and two traffic- Choose the number of lanes in the road- Customize the highway & weather- Earn coins for near misses and dangerous driving- Endless gameplay - drive until you smash your car!- Earn points through dangerous driving and near misses- Don't smash into the traffic or crash your car or it's game over- Use your hard earned coins to unlock new blocky racers- Endless driving, how long can you survive on the road without smashing your car?- Earn achievements & compete on the leaderboard- Race offline - no internet connection required!If you're looking for a crazy traffic racing experience, look no further! Choose your blocky racer, customize and upgrade it to become the best racing machine on the scene. Drive dangerously, drive fast and compete against other racers all over the world for ultimate bragging rights!START BUILDING YOUR BLOCKY SPEED RACER - DOWNLOAD TODAY!
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