Koodbee enables players to make virtual bets about the outcomes of real world events - initially 2017 US professional baseball games and, later this fall, US professional football games. Players participate in a gamified version of mutual betting for score, rank, badges and real-world prizes. Play is free. The Koodbee system generates true odds that are derived mathematically from all players' bets. True odds are used to determine a player's Betting Score. But, they are also crowd-sourced probabilities - a mathematically precise statement of all players' collective judgment about the likelihood of each real-world game outcome. In Koodbee games, there is no profit-driven "house" to distort the odds. And, as crowds grow larger and more diverse, they tend to become more accurate. You can always bet the favorites but it's just as likely that you win by being smarter than the crowd - by accurately predicting winners that others didn't (the long shots). Koodbee currently will be awarding real world prizes based on Betting Score on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis with prizes of different value depending on the length of the competition (and not on the number of people playing). Whether you win or lose, you contribute to our collective wisdom just by playing.
Operating System Android