Free Impact: Wrestling Fight

Impact Wrestling is aiming for a fast, high-impact style with little emphasis on expressions. It supports up to four players at the same time on a dashboard, with online support - including tournaments - currently standing at one-on-one. Scans the actual wrestlers that were used for the games instead of the textures by hand to include small details, such as specific skin texture and scars. Completed visitors are visited by building the displayed on the screen. In the same area a color-coded loss indicator displays the status of the character. The game also features mini-games for battery drain and submission attempts. Midway has now introduced the downloadable content that enables players to expand the games. The first professional wrestling video games in history to offer this service. The first downloadable content is in the form of new wrestlers players to add to the game, these are Curry Man and Petey Williams. These can be bought for 100 Microsoft points from the Xbox Live Marketplace and as an extra gift the player can download Mike Tenay free of charge. [Features]- Nice-looking graphics 3-D. A lot of challenges and stages. Easy and Simple to play. Cool skill design and effect. Classic sound created excitement for players.
Operating System Android


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